9 Best and Cheap Coffee Machines to Consider

A good coffee machine is a long-term investment. Cheap coffee machines are now available widely, with diverse sizes, specs, and models to match your coffee-making habit. Choosing the right machine is not just about the price, but also each machine’s characteristics. 

Coffee machine types range from the practical capsule machines to common percolators and expensive espresso makers. Capsule machines are suitable for pod coffee drinkers who like a quick fix. Percolators are easy to set and giving you enough coffee for the whole day. Espresso makers are suitable for home baristas with a more generous budget.

Consider also the specs of the machine. A built-in grinder is suitable for practical people, but you must spend extra for high-quality grinding action. Lower wattage saves energy, but the higher one boils water faster.

The bar pressure level is also important if you buy an espresso machine; 15 to 19 is the ideal one to get a perfect cup of coffee at home. The numbers prevent under-extraction or burnt beans.

If you just start with the coffee habit, start with the cheapest product. Many affordable products are enough for a small household, with modern features such as internal dispenser and pause button.

You can slowly upgrade your machine when your home barista skill is improving. Here are nine products to consider before buying coffee makers.

1. Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer

Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer may be cheap, but it has smart features that allow you to make personalized coffee drinks. It holds 60 oz (1.78 ml) and has temperature control.

The coffee maker also has a special water heating system, which brews water using the more suitable standard for a cup of homemade joe. 

Adjusting flow rate, blooming time, and temperature are important to create different blends. Breville BDC450 offer six brewing types: Gold, Strong, Fast, Cold Brew, Iced, and My Brew (adjustable option).

Simply set the machine up with your preferred brewing type. Once it’s finished, get the best coffee from any brewing mechanism you prefer.

Breville also offers Steep and Release, a feature that helps you boiling water for the second time, even when the carafe is not placed on its spot.

This second brewing method is used to make several cups of coffee, even when you don’t place the carafe back.

2. Hamilton Beach 49976

Hamilton Beach 49976 is an affordable option for a single-serving coffee machine. The product is versatile because you also get an option to brew a full pot.

The maximum volume for the full-size coffee pot is for 12 standard coffee cups. The combination of black and metal make it a perfect companion for your kitchen.

Two heating panels don’t make Hamilton Beach a bulky coffee machine. One of the heating panels is enough for a travel mug (not available with purchase).

The interface is easy, with an LED screen and simple control buttons. The automatic program gives you a fresh cup of coffee every morning, right after you wake up.

3. Mr. Coffee 12-cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee is a simple coffee maker for cash-strapped students or single households. The sleek, black design makes it perfect for a small kitchen countertop or table.

The interface is easy, with an Auto Pause button that allows you to grab the coffee before the machine gets automatically turned off (the brewing resumes when you return the pot). 

Mr. Coffee’s power button has a green, tiny indicator light, making it easy for you to find the machine in the dark.

The machine has a dual water window, which allows you to see the amount of water left in the machine. The filter basket is located right on the top, with a simple lid and lifting mechanism for quick cleaning/refiling.

4. Hamilton Beach 47900 Dispensing Coffee Machine

Keep your coffee warm for a long time with Hamilton Beach Dispensing Coffee Machine. This coffee maker has enclosed brewing system, which allows you to delay the pouring and keep the coffee warm.

The warming system keeps coffee in agreeable temperature for four hours. When you are ready, turn on the dripping system by pressing the bar button.

Hamilton Beach 47900 Dispensing Coffee Machine can hold 12 cups of coffee. Since the coffee is kept in an internal container, you can skip the coffee pot.

Place your cup or travel mug right under the machine, wait, and grab it immediately when filled. The machine also has an easy interface and cleaning system.

5. Cuisinart DCC-450BK

Cuisinart DCC-450BK is ideal for a couple or small family unit. The machine makes four cups of coffee, with a sleek form that fits any countertop size. It comes with a stainless pot, perfect if you don’t like fragile coffee carafe. The power button has an indicator light, making it easier for you to find the machine in the dark.

Cuisinart’s coffee pot has a dripless spout, preventing coffee from staining your precious countertop or table. Just like Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart DCC-450BK has a pause button, which allows you to stop the brewing process and quickly grab some coffee. The 30-minute automatic shutoff saves energy and is perfect for forgetful owners.

If you have extra budget, consider buying slightly more expensive machines. These coffee makers are slightly more expensive than the previous fives, but still under USD200.

6. OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker

OXO is the modern version of the pour-over coffee pot. The coffee maker consists of an electric pour-over drip and a stainless thermal pot.

The coffee goes through micro process with recommended water temperature, resulting in the smooth brew. The water drips to the ground coffee through a wide showerhead-style output, which extracts and saturates the brew properly.

OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker’s thermal pot keeps your coffee hot longer than the fragile glass carafe. The simple interface allows you to set up the timer and cup numbers.

This machine can process maximum nine cups, perfect for a small family. The sleek model will make you proud when you place it on the countertop or office pantry.

The best thing about this machine? You can make specialty coffee without losing its unique flavor. OXO’s brewing method has been approved by the Specialty Coffee Association.

7. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Nespresso by Breville has released a sleek machine that brews regular coffee and espresso. The coffee maker is perfect for a single serving, with simple button mechanism to brew coffee.

You can make espresso using Nespresso cups, getting quick brew without complicated barista skills. The machine also has size options for Single Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Alto, and regular coffee cup.

Nespresso Vertuo by Breville has a removable water tank, with easy refiling and cleaning. The heating system only needs around 15 seconds to produce your coffee. The machine will automatically get turned off after nine minutes, saving the energy and keeping forgetful owners safer at home.

The best thing about this machine is the crema (coffee foam) technology. Nespresso Vertuo has a Centrifusion technology, which creates the perfect crema on top of your coffee. All the components are dishwasher-friendly, so you can save time when cleaning the machine.

8. Keurig K-Café Single Serving

Need an all-in-one coffee machine at home? Keurig K-Café offers a multipurpose, single-serving coffee maker.

You can only use Keurig Cups to make coffee, but there are several features that support the coffee-making process. For example, it has a Shot button, which helps in making a more concentrated coffee serving. It gives you stronger brew or a good base to make latte and cappuccino. 

Keurig K-Café has a milk frother, which you can use to make foam from regular, almond, and soymilk. The one-button control makes it easier to brew cappuccino, latte, or other coffee beverages from K Cups. The water tank has the maximum capacity of six cups, perfect for a small to medium-sized family unit.

9. KRUPS KM785D50 Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Brewing freshly-ground coffee beans is the best way to get fragrant, delicious coffee. KRUPS Auto-start has a built-in grinder that helps you making coffee from scratch.

The grinder is transparent and located on top, so you can see the right grinding consistency. The coffee machine has a percolator mechanism to make the best drip coffee. The maximum serving capacity is 10 cups, perfect for a dinner party or hosting.

Everyone in your house may have different taste for coffee. Choose between Mild, Medium, and Strong to determine the brew strength. The conical burr grinder ensures more even-out bean consistency, creating the best extraction and making your coffee more delicious.

KRUPS’ control panel is easy, with an LCD display and simple buttons. There are light indicators that inform you about the drink’s strength. It also has a warmer setting that you can use to keep your coffee hot for two hours. KRUPS also has a pause button, allowing you to grab some coffee even before the brewing process is done.


Regardless of price ranges, which coffee machine should you buy?

If you are a student or living in a one-person household unit, an under-100 coffee machine can be your choice. These products cover the most basic functions with extra specs, such as warmer, easy interface, light indicators, and automatic brewing function. The size and shape are also more suitable for a small house or dorm room.

If you are slightly more serious about your coffee, switch to something above-100, but still under-200. These machines have the basic features, plus some extra ones.

For example, you can make hot milk froth or grind fresh beans right before brewing. You can also get better extraction for stronger coffee, or more specific brewing options.

Forget a daily trip to the expensive coffee shop. Having a good coffee maker will save your money and give you the freedom to make a personalized blend. These cheap coffee machines are great recommendations to consider before you pick one.