Here are 10 Best Portable Electric Stoves in 2023

Do you remember when you were going to renovate the whole of your kitchen and it cost you so much of your time, energy, and money—because you also had to buy numerous takeaway foods?

It was either you didn’t know the existence of portable electric stoves or you wish you had prepared one before you had the renovation. That is why we recommend you the best portable electric stove ever. 

A portable electric stove has some redeeming features that will save you in countless situations.

Some of which is when you are moving to a new house where the kitchen is not well prepared yet or you are living in a small apartment or a dorm where there is only a little space for cooking. This type of stove will also help when you are travelling and need to prepare the meals yourself. 

The stoves are light as well as easy to prepare and use. Most of them have ideal buttons for timer and temperatures, making sure you have a stable heat and less cooking time.

Even though your kitchen has already been equipped with a well-functioning stove, there is always a good reason to make use of a portable electric stove. When you throw a party or gathering at home, you need this stove to fix your guests with your special meals quickly. 

With a portable electric stove, you may also find it easy to cook during the summertime—no stifling heat and smell of gas in the kitchen as well as overheated walls.

Most importantly, this type of stove is reasonably priced, helpful, and works more efficiently compared to electric and gas stovetops. The only snag it has is that it requires particular pans and pots to stop its auto shut-off feature from working.  

If you are looking for one of the best portable stoves available, there are plenty of options that will work for you. Each portable electric stovelisted below is high-grade and widely chosen.

Therefore, the reviews may also help you decide the best portable electric stove you ever need to fit your minimalist kitchen or cook efficiently. 

1. Cusimax Hot Plate 1,500W Portable Electric Stove

Why You Should Buy

Cusimax Hot Plate portable electric stove allows you to cook flexibly in your kitchen. Its compact design eases the life of those who live in a dormitory and small apartment.

It is a great solution when you have many guests at home and need an additional stovetop to prepare food for your guests in no time.

You may as well use this single portable burner for other purposes, such as for uses in offices, trailers, campsites, villas, and many more.

Since it works as a hot plate, you won’t have to worry that the drips from your pan will stick to or burn the stovetop. With the power of 1,500 Watts and 120 Volts, the single burner can cook quickly and heat up evenly with lower temperatures that will also save energy. 

Equipped with 7 adjustable thermostat-based temperature settings, the stove’s knob can simply be turned to the position that suits your need. Once you turn the knob, the stove will keep stable heat for your food until you change the setting.


  • 1,500 Watts of power
  • Easy wiped stainless steel 
  • Adjustable knob of the temperature regulator 
  • A circuit breaker for safety
  • Suitable with any cookware—whether it is made of ceramic, metal, etc.
  • High-grade plate made of cast-iron (cookware size should be in a 7.4-inch diameter)
  • Comes in a compact size and easy to store
  • Available at an affordable price


  • The exterior of the stovetop easily gets too hot
  • Not for the use of large-sized pans
  • The lowest temperature is relatively too low

2. Proctor Silex 34103 1,300W Electric Single Burner

Why You Should Buy

Coming in a compact design and powerful performance, Proctor Silex is an ideal solution for cooking food anytime an additional stovetop is required.

This single burner is great for preparing food for many people when your regular 4-burner stove does not manage to handle all of it. If you are also having a picnic or potluck away from home, this single burner electric stove can be your saving grace. 

With this 1,300-Watt portable coiled hot plate, you can easily get quick and steady heat with the changeable knob of temperature. Cleaning up is as easy as ABC because all you have to do is lift the coil and wipe the stainless-steel tray underneath.


  • Simple cleaning
  • Comes in a compact design and lightweight
  • Variable temperatures
  • There is a power light
  • Made of durable materials
  • Easily carried and stored
  • Quickly heats up
  • Anti-slips 
  • A great solution for travelers


  • No auto-shutdown feature
  • The heating coil is a little bit too small
  • Works optimally only with small-sized cookware
  • The light of the power indicator stays on even though the stove is turned off
  • Electricity is required 
  • Lowest heat setting still feels very hot
  • Too short wire (around 70cm in length)
  • Unplugging is required to shut down the stove

3. Ovente BGI101S 1,000W Electric Infrared Burner

Why You Should Buy

Ovente BGI101S is a portable electric stove that applies infrared technology. It allows the appliance to perform effectively with any cookware— unlike most induction stovetops that can only work with specially designed cookware.

This electric infrared burner also allows you to quickly and evenly heat your food. The heat can be controlled as desired with a convenient knob of thermostat regulator. 

Enhanced with 1,000-Watt power, this portable electric stove produces heat and functions exactly like most regular stovetops—only this one is easily carried anywhere. Its compact size and flat surface make storing it trouble-free. 

Coming in a smooth, modern design, the burner looks elegant to be placed among your guests. It needs no flame and is equipped with non-slippery rubber ends, as well as a power indicator light, making it simple and safe to use.


  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with any cookware
  • Good balance with rubber feet


  • It comes in a bit too small size

4. Duxtop 1,800W Portable Induction Cooktop

Why You Should Buy

Ovente BGI101S is a portable electric stove that applies infrared technology. It allows the appliance to perform effectively with any cookware— unlike most induction stovetops that can only work with specially designed cookware.

The portable electric stove also has controls that are easy to operate. Everything is on your fingertips to get you the right heat settings.

It is also enhanced with a computerized screen that displays the temperature you are using at the time. Plus, there is a 7-blade fan inside to make the cooktop stay cool.


  • User-friendly buttons
  • 1,800 Watts in power
  • 170-minute timer


  • Can only work with certain cookware types

5. IMUSA USA GAU-80305 1,100-Watt Electric Single Burner 

Why You Should Buy

The 1,100-Watt power allows you to prepare your food quickly.

The heat spread evenly and quickly and easily controlled with its temperature-setting knob. 

IMUSA electric single burner is what you need when you have many guests at home to serve your dishes to.

Another advantage of having GAU-80305 electric stove is that it is enhanced with anti-slippery rubber feet, making sure it won’t slide and fall off while you are busy cooking. Even better, it also comes in a small size, so storing it won’t be a problem if you only have a little space.


  • Compact design and size
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Rubber feet for steadiness 


  • When you turn it on, it may produce some smoke

6. iSiLER 1,800W Sensor Touch Electric Induction Cooker

Why You Should Buy

iSiLER Electric Induction Cooker is the right choice if you need an extra stovetop with simple sensory touch buttons.

The cooktop has variable 9 power levels that can be changed from 100 Watts to 1,800 Watts, as well as temperature settings that range from 60°C to 238°C.

With this adjustable power, you get to choose any types of cuisine you desire—deep-frying, sauté, steam, grill, and many more. 

The excellent portable electric stove is also advanced with several great safety features, such as child safety lock and anti-overheating system. With the latter, the cooker’s temperature won’t reach more than 295°C. Thanks to the fitted fuse inside the cooker that works effectively.


  • Excellent durability 
  • Simple cleaning
  • Compact design and easy to carry


  • The cooling fan produces some noise

7. Elite Cuisine ESB-301BF Single Electric Buffet Burner by Maxi-Matic

Why You Should Buy

Elite Cuisine Electric Single Buffet Burner is a great solution for holiday cooking and small space use. This hot plate is made of cast iron, making sure your food won’t get sticky on it and easy cleaning.

At the power of 1,000 Watts, it can spread heat quickly and evenly—by operating its variable thermostat knob. It is also enhanced with rubber feet and a cool bottom, leaving you with steady cooking. 

The Maxi Matic’s burner is also perfect for warming food on buffet stations in any parties or gatherings. On top of that, the cooktop is very easy to clean and carry, making it also one the best portable electric stove available.


  • Adjustable regulator for temperatures with setting options of Low, Medium, and High
  • The cast-iron heating plate that does easy cleaning
  • Power of 1,000 Watts for efficient and quick cooking
  • Power light
  • Compact, perfect for little cooking spaces, like in dormitories and offices


  • Too little surface for heating
  • A few quality problems reported by some customers

8. Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner

Why You Should Buy

Cuisinart CB-30 Single Burner will complete your kitchen better. Its 1,300-Watt power makes it heat up fast and keep the high temperature during the cooking process.

Made of cast iron, the cooktop looks classy and is more durable as well as easy to clean. Its variable 6 heat levels will let you cook with any temperatures and styles. Its compact design is perfect for cooking in campsites or small apartments. 

You may as well use this single burner to warm up leftover meals or dishes served on buffet stations. The hot plate is also safe to use as it features 2 power indicator lights, one indicates it is on, and the other tells it is ready (or not) to be used.


  • Highly durable cast iron heating plate 
  • 1,300 Watts in power for quick and consistent heat all through the cooking process
  • 6-setting variable temperature regulator, ranging from low to high heat levels
  • 2 indicator lights for safety
  • Non-coil cooking plate, making it easier to wipe


  • The temperature switch is possibly in a rather poor quality

9. Sandoo HA1865 Induction Cooktop

Why You Should Buy

Sandoo HA1865 Cooktop is a magnificent portable electric stove to complete your kitchen space. It is one of the most efficient cooking appliances ever created.

Its compact and flat designs make sure it is convenient to be carried or placed anywhere. Also, with its adjustable 15 heat settings, you can cook any cuisines. 

Due to its compatibility with magnetic cookware, this slim portable cooktop works at its best when cooking. The 8 protection features also give maximum safety to users.

There is also a built-in display screen to notify the times and temperatures used. Its specially designed cooking surface made of fire-resistant plastic and crystal adds another good reason for you to opt for this stove.


  • 15 power levels (200 – 1,800 Watts)
  • 15 temperature levels (49 – 241°C)
  • Non-flammable materials
  • Slim and compact
  • 8 safety systems


  • Too small heating surface

10. Cusimax Ceramic Hot Plate

Why You Should Buy

Different from its relative, Cusimax Single Hot Plate, this one is made of ceramic and compatible with any cookware types.

It also comes with double burners, allowing you to save up time and energy. Enhanced with 1,800 Watts in power (900-Watt power for each burner), the ceramic cooktop lets you choose between seven temperature levels. 

The 7-inch stovetops can heat up fast yet is advanced with the auto-shutdown feature, so safety comes first.

Coated with stainless steel on the exterior, the cooker looks elegant to be placed around many guests of yours. It is perfect for some special occasions, such as parties, potlucks, and gatherings.


  • Double power (900-Watt for each burner)
  • Ceramic plate for any types of cookware
  • Stainless-steel body for elegance and durability
  • Automatic shutdown for maximum safety


  • Cooling down will be too much during the cooking process 

So, Here’s Our Final Say on These Portable Electric Stoves

There are countless portable electric stoves nowadays. What you have to consider before choosing the right one is the one that caters to your needs the best.

Some criteria you can check out are durability, temperature settings, compact sizes, power, safety systems, and certainly affordability. We have mentioned some excellent options above, and now it is time for you to choose a portable electric stove wisely.