9 Best Smallest Portable Air Conditioners That You Should Consider Buying

Central air conditioning is not the only way to keep your house cool. More homeowners are starting to adopt portable air conditioners. The best smallest portable air conditioner provides cool air evenly. You can also install it with fewer requirements than the central AC unit.

Portable air conditioners work in a property with building restrictions or difficult construction. You only need to place the AC on the floor. Use an exhaust hose to vent the warm air. The process is easy and allows you to replace the AC unit in a short time when necessary. 

Portable air conditioners have several drawbacks. It takes up significant space on the floor, which is not ideal for a tiny home. You must also think about where to place the exhaust hose because it must be installed in a straight position. However, a portable AC is a great solution if you cannot afford a central or window AC unit, either because of the money or construction limitation.

If you cannot find a place to install the exhaust hose, try a cooler with an evaporation mechanism. It uses a large amount of water to produce the cooling air. Otherwise, consider buying one of these 10 great portable air conditioners. They work well in almost all houses and are available at reasonable prices.

1. Black & Decker Portable AC Unit (10,000 BTU)

Black & Decker portable AC unit has a perfect size for a 150 to 250 square feet room. The simple square design and white color blend perfectly with any interior design.

The construction allows the cooling air to flow in a vertical motion. It helps to spread the refreshing temperature to all parts of the room.

The simple design hides three cooling functions. You can use it as a regular AC, a fan, or a dehumidifier. The evaporation mechanism means you don’t need to use a bucket. The filter has a sliding-out mechanism, making it easy to clean.

The AC has a noiseless mechanism, 24-hour timer, and sleep mode. Black & Decker is available with remote control and casters to support the mobile lifestyle.

2. Global Air HBF2001DP-BM  Portable AC (10,000 BTU)

Global Air provides a high-quality air conditioning function from a portable design. This portable AC uses a self-evaporation system, which means there is no heavy water tank in its construction.

The AC unit has a water recycling system, which uses the condensation water to support the cooling mechanism. You can choose the intensity level with three setting options.

Global Air Portable AC has a sleek design, perfect to be placed in a 400 square feet room. It has a Delay function that keeps the AC from delivering excessive coldness. The venting system uses a window kit, which you must install using the exact steps in the manual’s book. The fan grill is removable for easier cleaning.

3. Whynter ARC-14S (14,000 BTU)

Whynter ARC-14 S offers air conditioner and dehumidifier functions in one portable unit. It offers a carbon filtering system, which ensures better air quality for all the occupants.

The AC unit also has a fan-only function, perfect if you want a little fresh air without turning on the air conditioner. The air conditioner uses a CFC-free cooling technology, a great addition for a green household.

Whynter ARC-14S requires a window kit and exhaust pipe (installation steps are available in the user’s manual). However, it has a self-draining technology, which cuts the need for a bucket. You can save more energy by using the 24-hour programmable timer, which automatically shuts off the AC unit after a specific period

LG has released its own version of a portable air conditioner with this unit.

The sleek design and smooth surface make it stand out in a little futuristic way.

Available in white, grey, and black, this portable AC can cool rooms with different sizes, from 150 square feet to 500 square feet. You can choose the most suitable size for any room you have, saving more energy.

LG portable AC has louvers on top of its design, with automatic swing movements that spread the cool air to the entire room. This feature helps to reduce the “hot spots,” areas where the cool air doesn’t touch.

The LED control display and easy remote control make the adjustment easier. You can also set the timer up for up to 24 hours.

5. Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC14RD1 (14,000 BTU)

Emerson Quiet Kool, which has manufactured high-quality air conditioners in the US since 1949, released portable AC units to compete with similar products of other brands.

The design combines AC with fan, dehumidifier, and even heating function (for the 14,000 BTU model and above). It comes with a blue LED display, easy control panel, and a remote for easier adjustments.

Emerson Quiet Kool has a special space for washable filters, which helps you to remove and wash the filters easily before returning them. The noise-reduction technology and sleep mode help everyone in the house to sleep better. You can also adjust the timer for up to 24 hours. Move the unit easily with four caster wheels underneath it.

6. Honeywell MM14CCS

Honeywell is a portable AC unit that offers powerful cooling action, despite the compact design. The modern design resembles a window unit, with sleek, white exterior and casters for easier transport.

Honeywell MM14CCS has a sleek, modern design with black and silver color options. It has a powerful AC unit that can cool any room with 550 to 700 square feet of size. The AC unit has a blue LED display with a simple control panel. You can choose between three fan settings or use different functions, such as the fan and dehumidifier.

Honeywell MM14CCS has a timer function that works up to 24 hours long. The window kit is available for horizontal or vertical installation, giving you more freedom in placing the unit in the house.

You can also enjoy cleaner air with a dual washable filtration system. Honeywell also has a self-evaporation system, removing the need to use a bucket for draining the water.

The best thing about Honeywell: don’t worry about getting the machine overheated. Honeywell has a thermal protection feature, which keeps your unit from getting too hot. The AC unit also uses a dual-motor system, which reduces the noise and makes you sleep better.

7. MIDEA MPF14R81-E Portable AC (14,000 BTU)

MIDEA offers strong air conditioning functions with eco-friendly technology, noiseless mechanism, and easy control. You can choose between three functions with this appliance: an air conditioner, regular fan, and dehumidifier.

MIDEA stands out among the other portable AC units with its proximity sensor function. It detects your position from the AC unit, adjusting the temperature based on your distance.

MIDEA also has a sleep mode, which adjusts its temperature to your natural sleep cycle. All these functions operate with a noiseless feature so that you can sleep better at night. MIDEA has a filter alert feature, which informs you when you should clean the filter (place it under the running water). The automatic shut off helps you saving energy and electricity bills. 

8. Whynter Elite ARC-122DS (12,000 BTU)

Whynter Elite offers fast and optimum air conditioning functions in an energy-efficient way. You can choose between AC, fan, and dehumidifier in one unit.

The air conditioner can cool a room as large as 400 square feet. The washable filter contains activated carbon, which helps clean the air more effectively, ideal for occupants with asthma or allergy. 

Whynter Elite offers a modern control interface, with an LCD, 24-hour timer, and automatic restarting function. The eco-friendly design has CFC-free cooling technology, ideal for any green household. Whynter Elite has an automatic draining feature, which removes the need for manual draining with a bucket. 

The dual hose system is the key feature of Whynter Elite. It helps in reducing the amount of space the unit takes. It also cools the room faster than other similar units. There will be no more warm spots when you are turning this unit on. 

Need an Air Cooler Instead?

Thinking of buying an air cooler instead of an air conditioner instead? This baby right here might suits you quite well.

Hessaire MC37M Portable Air Cooler

Hessaire offers an effective cooling system from a compact unit. Its most noticeable feature is a set of oscillating louvers on the front side

The louvers allow the cool air to spread evenly in the room. The operation is silent, helping the occupants to sleep or rest comfortably during the hottest days. The casters help you move the cooling unit everywhere.

Hessaire does not need an exhaust pipe, thanks to its 10.3 gallons of a water tank, which supports the cooling mechanism through evaporation. There is a valve that you can connect with a garden hose.

Since Hessaire is a cooling appliance and not a “true” AC, you can install it outside when you need fresh air in an outdoor setting. Hessaire is perfect for getting a cooler temperature without wasting energy. 


The portable air conditioner is a great solution to cool a room without any expensive installation.

The high-quality filter, mobility, and eco-friendly features make these products ideal options for small residential areas. Consider these best smallest portable air conditioners before you start looking for other recommendations.