7 Recommended Oak Kitchen Table and Chairs to Choose

Oak is a popular wood for furniture, thanks to its appearance and strength. Oak kitchen table and chairs stay popular despite the rising trend of other materials. You can find oak tables, chairs, and benches everywhere, with good reasons.

Oak is a type of hardwood, which means it is durable and strong. An oak tree grows slowly, which contributes to denser physical constructions. The density and strength make it a popular option for “expensive-looking” furniture.

It is also ideal for building things that require stable constructions, such as chairs, dining tables, and house features. Many oak houses from the 16th and 17th centuries are still standing, thanks to the oak construction.

British royal families, such as the Tudors, are famous for favoring oak furniture. The rich color makes oak a perfect option for luxury furniture.

The popular options are red and white varieties, with the former has darker brown shades than the latter. Oak also has beautiful grains, which look more prominent if the wood is cut with a quarter sawing method.

Finally, oak requires little maintenance, thanks to its durability. Aside from polishing and simple wood cleaning, oak does not need a lot of attention. Oak is also warping-resistant, perfect for constructions or furniture in areas with extreme temperatures.

Oak kitchen and table are easy to find, and they usually have timeless designs. Here are seven recommendations you can consider before purchase.

1. Winsome Groveland 3-Piece Dining Set

This dining set consists of a square table with two simple chairs. The chairs have slightly contemporary design lines, with ladder-style backs for an airy look.

The table design helps to reduce the weight of typical oak furniture. You can easily move the table to another area or room when necessary. 

The Winsome Groveland set is ideal for a small apartment or couple household. The shaker design is balanced and proportional, with more emphasis on the practical element instead of excessive details.

You can pair this dining set with any interior decorations—a perfect addition for homeowners who like experimenting with their interiors.

Have a small living space? Winsome Groveland’s table is only 29.5 x 29 inches, making it easy to be placed on the corner. Alternatively, you can place it in the middle of a room and add two more chairs.

2. Hannah Drop Leaf Dining Table

Hannah Drop Leaf Dining Table offers a larger, sturdier dining set, but with more flexible design. The round table has a 42-inch diameter when all the “leaves” are attached. If you need to save some space, fold both leaves to create a smaller table. The design is perfect if you have a mobile lifestyle or often rearrange the interior.

Two simple chairs with shaker design have ladder backs, perfect for spacious visual. The table and chair designs reflect functions, with subtle elegance in their lines. The sturdy construction and light wood color make the dining table set perfect for any interior designs.

Hannah Drop Leaf Dining Table offers flexible use for dining activities. You can cover it with a white tablecloth and fancy porcelain ware for romantic dinner. You can also add a picnic drape and enjoy a more casual dining experience.

3. East West Furniture DLVA3-OAK-C 3

East West Furniture DLVA3-OAK-C 3 consists of a beautiful round table with two slat-backed chairs. The dining table has a pedestal leg, which is perfect if you like prominent classic elegance. The two chairs have shaker design, which emphasizes on functions and subtle elegance instead of excessive details. 

The table has 42 inches of diameter, with two side leaves that you fold to accommodate smaller space.

The light oak color makes the dining table set look elegant and sophisticated. You can match the dining table set with various interior styles. The pedestal leg is 29 inches of height, giving you enough leg space for comfortable seating.

4. Country-style Dining Table Set with Bench

Create a beautiful, classic farmhouse look in your dining room with a country-style table set with bench.

Combining solid oak panels with white shaker furniture designs creates a classic, beautiful design. The long square table accommodates up to four chairs, with extra space for a long bench. This setting is perfect for a dinner party or social events.

The country-style dining table set offers a classic, elegant look. You can hold formal dining parties or casual hangouts on this table set. You can also add a flower container, crystal vase, candle jars, or white tablecloth for romantic dining. 

The white element adds a unique touch to the furniture set. The light oak color provides a more neutral look. You can install the furniture in any room style.

5. Crown Mark Tyler Counter-high Table Set

If you have a counter table in your kitchen, or just want to hold a cocktail party with the semiformal vibe, Crown Mark Tyler is your solution. The entire set consists of four important pieces: a table, one long bench, and two smaller benches. The dark oak adds deeper elegance touch in the entire piece.

Crown Mark Tyler has a transitional design style, with a perfect combination of classic and modern elements.

The counter-high table is perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying nice drinks in your kitchen. Three benches with two different sizes are ideal for accommodating various numbers of diners.

Crown Mark Tyler table set has easy assembly steps. The total weight is only around 85 pounds, making each item easy to move around when necessary. You can place anything on the table as decoration, from a tea pot to fruit bowl.

6. Wooden Dining and Breakfast Table Set

Seat your family in a beautiful dining area with this wooden dining and breakfast table set. The rectangular table is paired with four grill-backed chairs.

The chairs have identical styles, which consist of a solid oak panel with coated wood and turned feet design. The combination of warm wooden color and black touch is perfect for any interior designs. 

The table has a farmhouse-style design with a modern twist. There is enough area space for the diners’ feet. The design has subtle elegance but does not bother with excessive decorations. You can move the dining table set around if you like remodeling a house.

7. Zinus Becky Farmhouse Dining Table

Finally, if you want something simpler but still with benches, Zinus Becky Farmhouse Dining Table can be your choice.

This table combines the simplicity of a farmhouse table and more contemporary design lines. The dining table set consists of a long table with two benches. The design is no-nonsense, with very little details that make every item more versatile to use.

The dining table offers spacious leg space and high structure for more convenient mealtimes. You can assemble them quickly, turning it into a simple weekend project. Your dining area in the kitchen will look elegant but practical. 

Each furniture item creates a special atmosphere. You can move them around, and the dining table set will always match any interior design style. The solid wooden panels are polished until smooth.

How to Maintain Oak Wood Furniture

Oak may be durable, strong, smooth, and having interesting patterns, but oak wood furniture still needs regular maintenance. If you don’t take care of it, oak wood furniture can develop cracks, wear and tear, and dried parts.  Here are several interesting ways to maintain oak furniture:

1. Clean gently

Make sure you clean oak furniture in a gentle way. Use a soft cotton cloth and warm water to prevent scratch.

Wipe any dirt or stain you see on the surface area. Avoid using harsh household cleaner, because it can damage the surface of your oak table or seat.

2. Use moisturizing wax

Despite the low maintenance, oak still gets special treatment. You must apply wood moisturizing here, such as wax.

It keeps the wood surface clean, moist, and free of imperfections such as slits or small cracks.

3. Place oak furniture carefully

Oak furniture should be kept far away from smelly fruits and vegetables, such as durian. Wood can easily absorb the smell, keeping it in the pores for quite some time. Also, avoid placing foods with a strong smell immediately on top of the wooden surface.

Another caution is to avoid heat surface, such as a spot with direct sunlight or near a heater. The warmth can bend or crack the wood more quickly, making it ugly. You also cannot place oak furniture on areas that expose them to natural elements, such as raining or wind.

4. Clean spills quickly

When you spill something on the oak surface, don’t wait to clean it. Wood has pores that absorb spills more quickly. It also can ruin the wax or oil, especially if the spillage is hot or corrosive for wood.

When cleaning spills, place a cloth to absorb the stain as much as possible, before gently wiping with circular motions.

It also can ruin the wax or oil, especially if the spillage is hot or corrosive for wood. When cleaning spills, place a cloth to absorb the stain as much as possible, before gently wiping with circular motions.

Use a smooth, absorbing fabric to clean the spills. If possible, use several fabric sheets to absorb the stain until dry before wiping it.

5. Avoid repeated bumping and scratching

Despite the strength, oak is still wood, which means it is prone to scratches and bumps. To avoid the ugly marks, place your oak furniture on areas with low traffic. When moving the furniture, try not to bump into other stuff. Use rollers or sliders to move the furniture, especially if it is heavy. 

6. Avoid extreme temperature and strong liquid agents

When placing any foods or drinks on the oak furniture, avoid exposing the surface with extreme heat, cold, or condensations. Use coasters or place mats to serve foods and drinks. Be careful when consuming coffee, tea, wine, or citrus juice. 

Oak furniture is a great addition to any houses. It looks great when paired with classic, modern, or eclectic designs.

Pick oak kitchen table and chairs set for a more cohesive look. Enjoy elegant and convenient daily meals in the kitchen every day with high-quality wooden furniture.