Redecorating Bedroom? Here Are 7 Tips to Consider

When your bedroom feels boring and plain, you may want to refresh the interior a little. You don’t have to own a luxury property for redecorating bedroom.

Even without a large-scale renovation project, you can revamp an old room into a beautiful, fresh-looking bedroom.

There are some decorative aspects in a room that can immediately change the entire look. Here are several decoration tips you can use to revamp and old, functional, but a boring workspace.

1. Change the walls

Changing on the walls will immediately change the room’s vibe. When you enter the bedroom, your eyes will automatically catch the wall’s visuals. Even a subtle color change will refresh the entire bedroom. If you only use white or cream, you can try other subtle colors like grey, beige, or light brown.

You can also experiment with bright colors. Choose bold shade if you feel adventurous, or the pastel version if you want to be subtler. Colors like blue and green are “cool,” while orange, red, and yellow are “warm.” There are many ways to change walls. You can repaint the room or use wallpaper.

2. Add color to the ceiling

Ceiling usually does not get enough attention because of its position. Try painting your ceiling and see the instant difference.

Use colors lighter than your walls to create a “higher” ceiling look, creating an airy atmosphere. For example, if your walls are dark blue, use pastel blue or lilac for the ceiling.

Another alternative is decorating your ceiling with stencil arts. Place images that you like in the middle or all corners, such as flowers, stars, geometric shapes, or cute animals. If you have extra budget, you can add decorative touches, like molding.

3. Change the fabric and draperies

A bedroom is full of fabric and draperies because of its nature. You can transform a bedroom by replacing all the blankets, bed covers, sheets, curtains, and rugs (even if you don’t change the walls or ceiling). Try experimenting with colors that are different from your usual taste.

Adding patterns to fabric is another simple way to redecorate the bedroom. Don’t hesitate to add bright, richly patterned pillows to your bed. Balance the look by choosing subtler designs for the blankets and bed covers. Patterns can also reflect your personality or preferences, from realistic flower prints to whimsical animals.

4. Add a “reading spot”

Have you ever had a specific nook in your bedroom? A place to quietly read, chill, drink some tea, and generally relax? Try making one in your bedroom and get a special place to unwind. A “reading spot” can be a simple as a chair and mini table near your window. 

If you have extra space, experiment with this reading spot. Add a bigger, comfortable seat, like a beanbag or pendant chair. Place a tiny bookshelf filled with your favorite novels. Make sure it is well-lit. A window seat or couch gives you generous space to relax and unwind.

5. Consider the storage solutions

Many people don’t consider the storage solutions when redecorating a bedroom, until they realize the lack of space later. When planning to redecorate a bedroom, consider where you will keep the existing stuff. Plan smart storage solutions, like installing floating shelves or organizing the closet with boxes.

If possible, go through your stuff and declutter before undergoing the redecoration project. Remove, donate, sell, or throw away things that you never use in the last 6 months or so. Decluttering may even help to reduce the needs for new storage solutions!

6. Create a more “layered” lighting system

The lighting system can hugely transform an old bedroom. If you rely on a simple lightbulb before, consider buying more lamps. Place one decorative lamp in the middle as the main lighting source. You can choose a classic chandelier, modern and colorful pendant lamp, or creative lamp from recycled wood, bottles, and other unique materials.

Consider installing smaller lamps to create atmosphere. For example, install a small table lamp near your bed for reading, and another one near your desk. This way, you can create a better “mood” in the room, and don’t need to rely on the main lamp all the time.

7. Limit your personal embellishments

Adding embellishments in your bedroom will refresh its look, but don’t go overboard. Start by picking the essential items, like furniture, lamps, and bed. Choose styles that will not crowd your room (shaker style, for example, is practical with subtle elegance). Focus first on how to create a comfortable bedroom with the least amount of useless clutter.

Once you arrange the essentials, add some embellishments that reflect your personality. You may add stencil decorations, family photo arrangements, a framed artwork, a succulent container, or bookshelves with fun color and design. However, give the bedroom some empty spaces for the “airflow.”

Your bedroom should reflect your personality without getting boring. Redecorating bedroom is a good way to refresh your personal space. Don’t forget to consider both function and decoration!